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3-Way Conference Call; Call Waiting; Transferring Call Between Handsets - Sanyo LNS-W10 Instruction Manual

2.4 ghz digital cordless telephone with 2 caller id handsets and extra charger
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3-way conference call

If you have 2 handsets registered with the base unit, you can make 3-way conference
calls between an external call party and two internal handset holders. To initiate a 3-
way conference call:
Establish contact with the external party by either placing a call to that person, or
answering an incoming call.
Press INT then press
to the selected handset.
Result: The handset you paged rings. The internal party can answer the call by
pressing the TALK key.
The caller who made the conference call should press and hold INT for
approximately 2 seconds until "CONFERENCE CALL" shows on the display and
you hear a confirmation beep on the earpiece.
Result: All three parties are connected and can talk together.
Tip: You can end a 3-way conference call exactly as you would any other call.
Just press TALK. The connection continues between the remaining handset and
the external party.
Tip: If a handset is connected to an external line, you can initiate a conference
call from another handset by simply picking up the handset and pressing TALK.
The first handset can hear a beeping sound and " CONFERENCE CALL" shows
on the display.

Call Waiting

If you receive an external call while you are talking to someone through the intercom,
you will hear a call waiting tone. To end the intercom call and answer the external
call, press TALK key on any handset. The other handset will beep and "BUSY" will
show on the screen. To end the intercom call without answering the external call,
press and hold INT for several seconds. Please also see the Caller ID with Call
Waiting section on page 17 for more information.

Transferring call between handsets

You can transfer an external call from one handset to another if you have 2 handsets
registered with the base unit. To transfer a call:
During a telephone conversation, press the INT key to place the caller on hold.
Press TALK. Then wait for the other handset to answer. The handset you
paged will ring, with "INTERNAL CALL" showing on the LCD display. Another
party can answer the call by pressing TALK.
to choose a handset name, press TALK to connect
to choose the handset name to which you wish to transfer the call.


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