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Skip Play - Sanyo MCD-ZX540F Instruction Manual

Cd portable radio cassette recorder
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Use compact discs bearing the symbol shown
below. In addition to conventional 12cm CDs,
this system can be used to play 8cm CDs without
an adapter.
1. Set the FUNCTION switch to CD. "--" blinks
for several seconds then the CD mode ap-
2. Press the CD compartment lid (OPEN/ CLOSE
portion) to open it. "00" appears on the dis-
3. Place the disc with the label facing up on the
turntable as shown below. (Place only one
disc at a time.)
4. Press the CD compartment lid (OPEN/ CLOSE
portion) to close it.
The total number of tracks on the disc appears
on the display.
5. Press the PLAY/PAUSE i button.
The current track number appears. Play starts from
the first track.
To start play from the desired track, select the
track by using the f or e button, then
press the PLAY/PAUSE i button.
If no disc is loaded or the disc is located with the
label facing down "00" appears. If these occur,
load the disc correctly or replace the damaged
6. Press the STOP n button to end disc play
When the last track has been played, the player
stops automatically.
7. To turn the CD player off, set the FUNCTION
switch to TAPE/OFF .
540AU.indd 4
Do not open the CD compartment during CD play.
Always press the STOP n button and wait for
the disc to stop rotating before opening the CD
This unit can play back the CD-R/RW as well.
However, some CD-R/RW can not be played back
depending on the recording conditions.
Notes on handling compact discs
Do not expose the disc to direct sunlight,
high humidity or high temperature for ex-
tended periods of time.
Discs should be returned to their cases after
Do not apply paper or write anything on the
disc surface.
Handle the disc by its edge. Do not touch
the playing surface (glossy side).
Fingerprints and dust should be carefully
wiped off the playing surface of the disc
with a soft cloth.
Wipe in a straight motion from the center to
the outside of the disc.
Never use chemicals such as record clean-
ing sprays, antistatic sprays or fluids, ben-
zene or thinner to clean compact discs.
Temporarily stopping play
Press the PLAY/PAUSE i button, "a" blinks
on the display. To resume play, press the button

Skip play

To skip to track 6 while track 3 is playing, press the
e button repeatedly until "6" appears on the
display. To skip back to track 3 while track 6
is playing, press the f button repeatedly until
"3" appears.
Search (forward/reverse)
If the e or f button is pressed during play,
the player will search at high speed in the forward
or reverse direction while the button is being
pressed. When the button is released, normal play
will continue.
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