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Setting Up The Recorder; Using Your Recorder In A Vehicle; Inserting A Memory Card - Kenwood KCA-DR300 Quick Start Manual

Gps integrated dashboard camera
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Setting up the recorder

Using your recorder in a vehicle

Instructions on how to mount the device and accessories in your vehicle can be found at the start
of this guide.
• To ensure the highest quality recordings, you are advised to place the recorder near the rear
view mirror.
• Select an appropriate location for mounting the device in a vehicle. Never place the device
where the driver's field of vision is blocked.
• If the car's windscreen is tinted with a reflective coating, it may be athermic and impact the GPS
reception. In this instance, please mount your device where there is a "clear area. "
• The system will automatically calibrate the G sensor of the device during boot up. To avoid G
sensor malfunction, always turn the device on AFTER you mount it in the vehicle properly.

Inserting a memory card

You must insert a memory card (may be sold separately) before you can start
1. Hold the card by the edges and gently insert it into the slot with the label
facing the rear side of the recorder.
2. To remove a card, gently push the top edge of the card inwards to release
it, and pull it out of the slot.
• DO NOT apply pressure to the centre of the memory card.
• You are advised to use a Class 6 memory card with at least 8GB capacity. The recorder
supports memory cards with up to 32GB capacity.
• The manufacturer does not guarantee the product's compatibility with memory cards from
all manufacturers.
• Before you start recording, please format the memory card to avoid malfunction caused
by files not created by the recorder. You can format the card on your computer or on the
recorder (by selecting Settings Menu > Format).
• You are recommended to turn the device off before removing the memory card.
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