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Care And Cleaning; Faqs - Illuminated Mirrors 100877K99 Instruction Manual

Diamond x collection led magnification mirror with 3x magnification area and sensor
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Diamond X Collection |
 Please be aware when cleaning the mirror surface, do not to use abrasive materials as
these will damage the overall finish.
1. What is a LED Mirror?
A LED Mirror uses Energy Saving LED light bulbs. They are Waterproof Rated IP44
for use in bathrooms and include clever technology like, Infra-Red on/off sensors, Anti-
Mist demister pads and a shaver socket.
2. On/Off Infra-Red Sensor?
All our LED Mirrors include Infra-Red on/off Sensor, simply wave your hand to the
sensor and it will instantly powers up the lights and demister pad.
hand 3-6 inches away to
3. Where is the sensor located?
The sensor is located on the bottom of the mirror and not on the front of the glass.
4. Can I isolate the sensor so the led's come on with my bathroom lighting?
Yes, just call us for instructions and we shall email them to you, it's extremely easy!
5. Heated Demister Pad Mirrors?
Just turn on the lights via Infra-Red sensor and the heat pad removes the steam from
the glass on the door.
6. How do I activate the demister pad?
The demister pad works automatically when the lights are turned on and off.
7. Is the mirror tinted glass?
No, the mirror is perfectly clear reflective mirror glass.
8. Is the mirror CE & ROHS certified?
On/Off your mirror cabinet
Model: 100877K99 & K100
You need to wave your



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