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LG GRN268BLQ Owner's Manual page 8

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Important Safety Instruction
Prevent children from entering the product.
It may endanger the life of a child if the
child enters the refrigerator.
Take care when opening and closing the
refrigerator doors. Vigorous opening or closing
may cause the contents to topple out resulting in
injury or damage.
This appliance is intended for indoor, Domestic,
non mobile applications only.
Do not install the refrigerator outdoors, in direct
Sunlight, or where it can be exposed to
environmental conditions, or in wet
place or area.
This could cause malfunction, corrosion, fire
and electric shock.
Do not store or use Inflammable materials in or
around the refrigerator.
It may become the cause of an
explosion or fire.
Do not place any lit candle or incense, in or on the
It may cause an explosion or fire.



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