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LG GRN268BLQ Owner's Manual page 7

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Important Safety Instruction
Make sure of grounding.
Make sure that the earth pin on the power plug is not
missing or damaged. Poor earthing can cause a
malfunction,and electric shock.
When the power cord or the power plug is
damaged or the holes of the outlet
are damaged or worn, do not use
It may cause electric shock or short circuit
and cause a fire.
After disconnecting the power
plug, wait for 5 minutes or longer
before reconnecting the plug.
It may cause the operation of the
freezer to fail.
2. When using the fridge-freezer
Do not place heavy, or dangerous objects or any
containers containing fluids on top of
the refrigerator.
It may fall or spill and cause injury, fire or
electric shock when opening or closing
the door.
Do not swing on any of the doors, or step on the
door shelves for any reason.
It may cause the refrigerator to lean
and fall over causing serious injury or
death. Do not allow children to play
with the refrigerator or any of its parts.



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