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LG GRN268BLQ Owner's Manual page 14

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Important Safety Instruction
This fridge-freezer must be properly installed and
located in accordance with the Installation Instruction
before it is used.
Before you install this fridge-freezer refer to installation
Never unplug your fridge-freezer by pulling on the
power cord. Always grip plug firmly and pull straight
out from the outlet.
After your fridge-freezer is in operation, do not touch
the cold surfaces in the freezer compartment,
particularly when hands are damp or wet. Skin may
adhere to these extremely cold surfaces.
Pull out the power plug prior to cleaning the fridge-
Never damage, serverely bend, pull out, or twist the
power cord because power cord damage may cause a
fire or electric shock.
Never place glass products in the freezer because they
may be broken when their inner contents are frozen.
Do not directly spray water inside or outside the
There is a risk of explosion or fire.
Do not insert the power plug with wet hands.
You may receive an electric shock.
Do not install the fridge/freezer in a damp place, where
it could be splashed with water.
Water may penetrate electrical components causing a
risk of fire, electric shock or damage.



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