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LG GRN268BLQ Owner's Manual page 12

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Important Safety Instruction
Install the fridge-freezer on the solid and level floor.
Installing it on an unstable surface could
cause it to fall or tip over when opening
the door causing serious injury or death.
Do not obstruct the cold air outlets with hands or
objects. Do not obstruct the rear lower ventilation
It may cause overheating, electric
shock or injury.
Violating this direction may cause injury or damage to
house or contents. Always be careful, please.
Do not touch food or containers in
the freezer with wet hands.
It may cause frostbite.
Ensure that all foods and containers are stored or
stacked in a stable manner.
The food may fall during opening and closing of the
door of the refrigerator and hurt people.
Do not store or place any sealed or
full bottles in the freezer.
The bottle may explode when frozen and
cause damage and injury.



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