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LG GRN268BLQ Owner's Manual page 10

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Important Safety Instruction
Do not use the fridge-freezer if it has been
submerged in water without having
it checked by a qualified electrician.
It may be the cause of an electric shock
or fire.
When gas is leaked, do not touch the fridge/freezer
or the outlet and ventilate the room immediately.
The explosion by spark may cause
fire or burn.
Because this fridge/freezer uses
natural gas (isobutene, R600a) as
the environment-friendly
refrigerant, even a small amount (80~90g) is
combustible. When the gas is leaked by the severe
damage during delivering, installing or using the
fridge/freezer, any spark may cause fire or burn.
Do not spray water directly inside or onto the
outside of the refrigerator, or clean it with abrasive
caustic based liquids or pads, or
solvents of any kind.
This can cause damage to the units
finish, corrosion, and deterioration of
electrical parts causing electric shock or
When any strange smell or smoke isdetected from
the fridge-freezer, disconnectthe power
plugimmediately andcontact to theservice center.



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