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Sanyo DP50749 Service Manual page 2

Remote control digital color television
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Panel: Self Test
Panel is capable of generating internal patterns without the Main
Signal Board attached. (rotating: white / red / green / blue / and
various other patterns)
This test eliminates Main Signal Board from circuit and confirms if
panel itself is operating properly.
1) Unplug these connectors on Main Signal Board.
2) Short pins 1-4 together on Logic Bd. at under connector
(a small screw works good to short all together)
3) K8P Connector
These pins must be shorted together.
p#1 & #3
p#2 & #7
Shorting these pins together will automatically energize the panel,
after AC power has been applied in step #4 below.
4) AC power must be applied to panel. Power cord can still be
attached to AC Filter, or power can be applied directly to
CN800s on SMPS.
(recommend that AC Filter still be used for ease of connection,
but can be bypassed if needed)
5) Please remember to remove the screw on the Logic Board under
CN2000, when finished.
note: no audio is available with panel self test
This self test is only for the
DP50749-00, with the Samsung
The self test will not work with the
Panasonic panel.

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