Sensors (Refrigerator, Freezer & Defrost) - Whirlpool WRX-17TM Service Manual

Silver color, electronic no frost refrigerator dual fan, maestro project, high range smile design
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3. Install the new evaporator and the lokring connectors, do vacuum in the system followed by the original load
of R-134a.
Important: Those shims should not be removed from the product. If they are missing, problems could occur
such as low refrigeration or frost formation in the freezer compartment.
REMINDER: Follow the specific instructions for interventions on the hermetic systems.
7.6. Sensors (Refrigerator, Freezer & Defrost)
Warning: these sensors (refrigerator, freezer & defrost) are compatible with each other, but Are not compatible
with the sensors of the previous line. Never replace these sensors with the sensor kit used in the previous line.
In the necessity of replacing one of the temperature sensors, use the sensor kit, which consist in; temperature
sensor and connectors, as showed on the picture.
1. Remove the defective Temperature Sensor.
2. Apart the wiring cables. Striping the wires is not necessary


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents