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Switch Types And The Factory Settings - Mitsubishi Electric QAHV-N560YA-HPB Installation & Operation Manual

Hot water heat pump unit
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[2] Switch Types and the Factory Settings

(1) Switch names and functions
Control box
Service panel
Water outlet
Water inlet
There are four main ways to set the settings as follows:
1Dip switches (SW1 - SW3)
2Dip switches used in combination with the push switches
3Rotary switches
4Slide switches
See below for how these switches are used to set certain items.
Different types of switches on the PCB
[Entire view of a PCB]
Set the slide switch SWS2 on the board inside the control box to the lower side during the trial run.
By default, it is set to the upper side for forced stop of the pump and compressor to prevent the pump
being damaged by the anti-freezing process in no water passing status or valve closed status before
the test run.
Upper side: A (under preparation)
Lower side: B (auto)
Always set to the lower side.
* Setting to the upper side forcefully stops the pump and compressor thus the unit does not
* When SWS2 is set to the upper side, the display shows "P.OFF" and the setting cannot be
made. When "P.OFF" appears, set SWS2 to the lower side.
Discharge air outlet
Intake air inlet
[Enlarged view of the switches]
Rotary switch (SWU3) (0-F)
Rotary switch (SWU2) (0-9)
Rotary switch (SWU1) (0-9)
Slide switch (SWS1)
from the top)
Slide switch (SWS2) *
(A and B from the top)
Push switch (SWP1) "UP"
Push switch (SWP2) "DOWN"
Push switch (SWP3) "ENTER"
LED display
Dip switch (SW1)
Dip switch (SW2)
Dip switch (SW3)
Slide the dip
switches; do not
push down the



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