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Introduction; Information Concerning These Operating Instructions; Copyright; Limitation Of Liability - Silvercrest SZA 28 B2 Operating Instructions Manual

Dvb-t indoor aerial


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Information concerning these operating
Congratulations on the purchase of your new device.
You have selected a high-quality product. The operating instructions are part
of this product. They contain important information about safety, use and
disposal. Before using the product, familiarise yourself with all operating and
safety instructions. Use this product only as described and only for the speci-
fi ed areas of application. Please also pass these operating instructions on to
any future owner(s).


This documentation is subject to copyright protection. Any copying or repro-
duction, including extracts thereof, and reproduction of images (even in a
modifi ed state), is only permitted with the written authorisation of the manu-

Limitation of liability

All technical information, data and instructions for the connection and operation
contained in these operating instructions correspond to the latest available
at the time of printing and, to the best of our knowledge, take into account
our previous experience and know-how. No claims can be derived from the
details, illustrations and descriptions in these instructions. The manufacturer
assumes no responsibility for damage caused by failure to observe these
instructions, improper use, incompetent repairs, making unauthorised modifi -
cations or for using unapproved replacement parts.

Intended use

This device is intended exclusively for the non-commercial reception of UHF/
VHF and DVB-T TV channels and VHF radio reception in indoor rooms. The
device is not suitable for operation with a SAT receiver. Any use other than as
described here is not permitted and could lead to damage and injuries. No
liability will be assumed for damage caused by misuse or improper handling,
the use of force or unauthorised modifi cation.
SZA 28 B2


Table of Contents

Table of Contents