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Handling And Use; Selection Of Set-Up Location; Wall Mounting - Silvercrest SZA 28 B2 Operating Instructions Manual

Dvb-t indoor aerial


Table of Contents

Handling and use

In this chapter you will receive important information on the handling and
operation of the device.

Selection of set-up location

The indoor aerial
(see Fig. A + B).
Attach the stand
Place the device on a smooth, level and slip-resistant surface.
To ensure good reception, select a set-up location as near as possible to
the window. Do not place the device on the fl oor, but rather on a raised
Do not place the device in the vicinity of high-frequency devices such
as microwaves. If they are operated simultaneously, this can lead to
Fig. A

Wall mounting

The supplied wall mount
in a horizontal/vertical position on a wall.
Required tools
To mount the aerial you will need a drill with a 6 mm masonry bit, a Philips
screwdriver, a spirit level, a folding ruler and a pencil. The supplied wall
plugs are only suitable for a mounting on concrete or stone. Check the suit-
ability of your wall before mounting. If in doubt, consult a professional.
SZA 28 B2
can be set up in two positions (horizontally or vertically)
to the corresponding recess on the rear of the device.
Fig. B
can be used for mounting the indoor aerial


Table of Contents

Table of Contents