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Safety Precautions - Mitsubishi Electric PAR-33MAA Manual

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1 . Safety Precautions

• Be sure to read these Safety precautions thoroughly and install the remote controller correctly.
• The following two symbols are used to denote dangers that may be caused by incorrect use. They are classified according to the degree of
WARNING: This symbol denotes what could lead to serious injury or death if you misuse the controller.
This symbol denotes what could lead to personal injury or damage to your property if you misuse the controller.
• After reading this manual, be sure to forward it, together with the operation manual accompanying the indoor unit, to the user.
Together with the operation manual for the indoor unit, this manual should be kept in a place where it can be referred to at anytime by the user.
When the user changes, be sure to forward the manual to the final user.
■ Check the installation conditions.
• In order to prevent the controller falling down, make sure that it is installed in a place strong enough to withstand its weight.
■ Do not dispose of the controller by yourself.
• Consult your dealer in case of disposal.
■ Stop operation when an abnormality occurs.
• Continuing to operate under abnormal conditions can result in breakdown, electric shock or fire. When an abnormality occurs (burning smell
etc.), stop operations, turn off the power switch and consult your dealer.
■ Never modify or repair the controller by yourself.
• Any deficiency caused by your modification or repair may result in an electric shock or fire. Consult your dealer about repairs.
■ Stop operation if the operation lamp on the controller's receiver blinks or if an abnormality occurs.
• Leaving the controller in these conditions can lead to fire or breakdown. Report such conditions to your dealer.
■ Never allow the alkaline batteries to short-circuit. Never disassemble, heat or place them in fire.
• Doing so can cause the strong alkaline liquid to leak and possibly enter your eyes or cause the batteries to explode or heat up, resulting
in personal injuries, burning or mechanical breakdowns. If strong alkaline liquid comes in contact with your skin or clothes, wash it off with
clean water. If it gets in to your eyes, wash them with clean water and consult a doctor immediately.
■ Do not drop the controller.
• Doing so may cause the case to crack and may disable control.
■ Do not place any dangerous substances near the controller.
• Do not install in any place exposed to leakage of flammable gas. Flammable gases accumulated around the controller may cause fire or an
■ Do not wash with water.
• Doing so may cause an electric shock or breakdown.
■ Do not touch any control button with wet hands.
• Doing so may cause an electric shock or breakdown.
■ Do not disassemble the controller.
• Contact with internal circuitry may cause fire or breakdown.
■ Do not use in special environments.
• Using in places exposed to oil (including machine oil), steam or sulfur gas can reduce the performance or can cause damage to the com-
■ Do not spray insecticide or other flammable sprays.
• Do not place flammable sprays near the controller or spray directly at the controller. Doing so may result in fire or explosion.
■ Do not wipe the controller with benzine, thinner or chemical cloths etc.
• Doing so may cause discoloration or breakdowns. If the controller becomes extremely dirty, dampen a cloth with water-diluted neutral de-
tergent and wipe the controller with it, then wipe with a dry cloth.
■ Do not press any control button with a sharp object.
• Doing so may cause an electric shock or breakdown.
■ Keep the temperature within the specified range.
• Use the controller within the specified operating temperature range. Using in temperature outside that range can cause serious break-
• For the specified operating temperature range, refer to the specifications given on the operation manual.
■ Do not use for other special purposes.
• The controller has been designed for use with the Multi air conditioner and Slim air conditioner only. Do not use for other purposes such as
controlling other air conditioners. Doing so may result in breakdown.
■ Incorrect use of batteries can cause liquid leakage, explosion or heating and may result in breakdown or personal injury. Adhere to
the following.
(1) Do not recharge the batteries.
(2) Insert the batteries in the correct direction.
(3) Do not mix a new battery with an old battery or batteries of different types.
(4) Remove the batteries immediately when they have run out.


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