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Special Operation; Setting The Fixed Airflow Direction - Mitsubishi Electric PAR-33MAA Manual

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5 . Special Operation


Setting the fixed airflow direction

Fig. 5-1
Some functions cannot be operated depending on the air conditioner.
Confirm whether the air conditioner supports each function, and then op-
erate the air conditioner.
<Switching to the special operation mode>
1. Press the
• If the weekly timer is enabled, press the
the timer. (
2. Press the
• The Function setting screen will be displayed and the function No. A
will blink.
<Transmitting the settings>
• When you perform each operation,
blinks to indicate that the
settings. Point the transmission area of the wireless remote controller
towards the receiver on the indoor unit and press the
transmit the settings. Confirm that the indoor unit beeps at this time.
<Exiting the special operation mode>
1. While the operation screen for each function is displayed, press the
• The Function setting screen will be displayed and the function No. A
will blink.
2. Press the
• The display returns to the normal screen.
1. In the Function setting screen, press the
No. "2".
2. Press the
• The vane number B blinks. (Fig. 5-1)
3. Press the
• For information about the vane numbers, refer to the indoor unit
operation manual.
4. Press the
• The airflow direction setting C blinks. (Fig. 5-1)
5. Press the
to fix the vane.
Step 1
No setting
6. Press the
Draft reduction
The airflow direction for this setting is more horizontal than the airflow
direction for the "Step 1" setting in order to reduce a drafty feeling. The
draft reduction can be set for only 1 vane. The setting is enabled only for
the last vane that was set.
button 1 to stop the air conditioner.
F disappears.)
button 2.
D on the remote controller display
button 3 must be pressed to transmit the
button 2 or the
button 5.
button 2.
button 3.
button 4 to select the vane number.
button 3.
button 4 to select the airflow direction at which you want
Step 2
Step 3
Draft reduction
(No display)
button 3 to transmit the settings.
button 9 to disable
button 3 to
button 4 and select function
Step 4
Step 5


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