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Controls - Canon MF8580Cdw Service Manual

Mf8500/mf8200 series
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Technical Overview > Pickup / Feed System > Controls > Jam detection


■ Cassette paper feed
● Roller separation method
This product employs the separation roller method to avoid multi-feeding.
This method prevents multiple sheets from being fed by the driven separation roller. The
separation roller is driven by the pickup roller.
<When normally operated>
The separation roller is driven by the pickup roller to feed paper. By this, the separation roller
rotates in the paper feed direction.
<When multiple sheets are fed>
Multiple sheets weaken friction between rollers, decaying the driving force conveyed from
the pickup roller to the separation roller. This product has the mechanism to regulate the
separation roller rotation, which stops the roller rotation at multi-feeding under weaker driving
force conveyed from the pickup roller. This enables to avoid multi-feeding.
The figure below shows the multi-feeding prevention mechanism employed in this product.
Separation roller
Technical Overview > Pickup / Feed System > Controls > Jam detection
Pickup roller
Lifting plate
The separation roller does not rotate.
■ Jam detection
● Overview
This product has the paper sensors as listed below to detect paper level and paper feed
• Registration sensor
• MP tray pre-registration sensor (MF8500 Series only)
• Manual feed pre-registration sensor (MF8200 Series only)
• Fixing delivery sensor
• Fixing arch sensor
• Pre-registration sensor (MF8500 Series only)
• Cassette paper sensor
• MP tray paper sensor (MF8200 Series only)
• Delivery full sensor (MF8500 Series only)
• Paper feeder pre-registration sensor (MF8200 Series only)
The following jams are detected in this product.
1. Pickup delay jam 1
2. Pickup delay jam 2 (MF8500 Series only)
3. Pickup stationary jam
4. Fixing / delivery delay jam
5. Delivery stationary jam
6. Fixing seizure jam
7. Internal paper remaining jam
8. Duplex re-pickup jam (MF8500 Series only)
9. Open door jam



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