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Weee Directive - Whirlpool AGB 508/WP Installation, Operating And Maintenance Instructions

Electric tilting cooker
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5.5.1 The 2002/96/EC (WEEE) Directive:
information to users
This informational note is meant only for
owners of equipment marked with the sym-
bol shown in Fig. A on the adhesive label
featuring the technical specifications
applied on the actual product (the label also
giving the serial number).
This symbol indicates that the product is classified, according
to the regulations in force, as an item of electrical and elec-
tronic equipment and conforms to EU Directive 2002/96/EC
(WEEE) meaning that, at the end of its service life, it must be
treated separately from domestic waste, i.e. it must be han-
ded in free of charge to a separate waste electrical and elec-
tronic equipment collection centre or returned to the reseller
when buying a new equivalent item of equipment.
The user is responsible for delivering the unit at the end of its
life to the appropriate collection facilities. Failure to do so
shall result in the user being subject to the penalties prescri-
bed by the legislation in force on waste.
Suitable separated collection so that the unit no longer used
can be sent off for environmentally compatible recycling,
treatment and disposal helps avoid possible negative effects
on the environment and on health and facilitates the recy-
cling of the product's component materials.
For more detailed information on available collection systems,
contact the local waste disposal service or the shop you pur-
chased the unit from.
Producers and importers fulfil their responsibility for environ-
mentally compatible recycling, treatment and disposal both
directly and by joining a collective scheme.
066_03 - Electric tilting cooker
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