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Set-Up For Operation - Whirlpool AGB 508/WP Installation, Operating And Maintenance Instructions

Electric tilting cooker
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- Beware of inexpert handling!
5.1 Ignition
• Check that the overflow is in place. Turn on the main switch
upstream of the appliance. Turn on switch of the appliance, the
green indicator light come on indicates that he appliance is on,
with knob turn the thermostat to the required temperature
between 50°C and 300°C; the yellow indicator light come on indi-
cates that the resistances are operational. As soon as the set-up
temperature is reached, the indicator light goes off.
• To turn the appliance off, simply turn the knob back to '0'.
5.2 Taking care of the appliance - Frequency
of maintenance
Never clean the appliance with jets of water, whether direct or
pressurised. Allow the machine to cool down before clea-
• Giving the appliance a thorough clean every day (after turning it
off) will keep it in perfect working order and make it last longer.
• All steel parts should be cleaned with water and a detergent, using
a damp cloth; do not use abrasive substances or corroding deter-
• Do not use steel wool, which could leave traces of rust. For the
same reason, avoid touching the appliance with anything made of
• Do not clean any parts of the appliance other than the grilling plate
with emery or sandpaper. If absolutely necessary, you may use pow-
dered pumice stone.
• If the appliance is extremely dirty, use a synthetic sponge such as
• After cleaning the appliance, rinse with clean water and dry with a
clean cloth.
• All maintenance work must be carried out by qualified personnel
• Have the appliance checked at least once a year; we strongly recom-
mend that you stipulate a servicing and maintenance contract with
your supplier.
• The first time you use the pan, wash it with soap and water.
• Never use synthetic cloth to clean, only cotton, wool or linen
• Never fill the bottom of the pan with grease
• Do not fill the tank with oil; it cannot be used for frying
because of the fire hazard represented by the oil.
Special precautions
The grills, particularly those with the pan bottom not in stainless steel, are
treated in the factory with mineral oil to protect them from rust.
The oil should be carefully removed before heating the pan, using hot
water and detergent, not chlorine based (less than 30 ppm) . After
washing, rinse with cold water and heat to 300°C to dry, with the thermo-
stat at the maximum . When the thermostat shuts down, the oven is ready
for cooking or, after protecting the bottom with a layer of grease or
cooking oil, ready to rest (after use). After every use, especially when the
pan is not in stainless steel, to keep it in perfect condition and protect it
from rust, repeat the above operation of washing, drying and protecting
with grease or cooking oil.
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If any rust should form on the bottom of the pan due to water or moisture
and lack of adequate protection after use, it will continue to expand until it
corrodes the pan. If this should occur, the rust must be removed until the
corroded part is polished, using a pad of steel wool, for example, in stain-
less steel and then washing, drying and protecting as described above.
NOTE: Greasing or oiling the pan while still damp is not only
useless but absolutely dangerous as the rust will continue to
expand under the layer of grease.
Never use unmilled sea-salt with this appliance. It nevery fully dissolves
but forms a layer of deposit on the bottom of the pan which can
cause rust to form. Dissolve the salt in water separately before using.
5.3 What to do if not using the appliance for
a long time
• Thoroughly clean and dry the machine as described. Disconnect the
power supply.
• After cleaning, we recommend you grease the pan with
vegetable oil.
5.4 What to do if something goes wrong
• If anything goes wrong, immediately turn the appliance off, then
turn off the power supply at the switch located upstream of the
appliance, and call the aftersales department.
• All maintenance should be carried out by qualified personnel only.
Before carrying out any maintenance work, unplug the appliance
or turn off the switch upstream of the appliance.
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