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Maintenance; Rechargeable Battery Capacity; Battery Pack Retaining Screw - Honeywell GasAlertQuattro Operator's Manual

1, 2, 3, and 4 gas detector
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Operator's Manual
• 50% LEL = (%CH4): Enter a percentage value to display
the LEL reading as %vol., assuming a methane
environment (LEL only).
• Auto Zero on Startup: When enabled, the sensors
automatically zero during the startup sequence. The Auto
Zero on Startup option is available for the CO, H
and O
• LEL by Volume CH4: If enabled, the detector displays the
LEL value as %vol. assuming a methane environment.
If changing the measurement unit from % LEL to
% Vol. or from % Vol. to % LEL, a calibration must be
completed and the alarm setpoints changed. For
calibration information refer to Calibration on page 10
and for alarm setpoint information refer to Gas Alarm
Setpoints in the GasAlertQuattro Technical
Reference Guide.
• 10% LEL (of reading) Over-span: If enabled, the detector
automatically over-spans the LEL sensor by 10% of the
span concentration. Enable 10% LEL (of reading)
Over-Span to ensure the detector is in compliance with
CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 152.
• 20.8 Base Reading: If enabled, the detector is configured
to detect 20.8% O2 as ambient air. When disabled, the
detector is configured to detect 20.9% O
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sensors (each sensor is enabled individually).
as ambient air.
• Low Alarm Acknowledge: If enabled, the audible alarm
can be temporarily disabled during a low alarm by
pressing C. The vibrator, alarm LEDs, and LCD remain
operational (toxic and LEL only).


To maintain the detector in good operating condition, perform
the following basic maintenance as required.
• Calibrate, bump test, and inspect the detector on a regular
• Maintain an operations log of all maintenance, bump tests,
calibrations, and alarm events.
• Clean the exterior with a soft damp cloth. Do not use
solvents, soaps, or polishes. Refer to Sensor Poisons and
Contaminants on page 8.

Rechargeable Battery Capacity

A rechargeable battery's runtime decreases approximately 20%
over a two-year period of typical use.

Battery Pack Retaining Screw

The retaining screw (QAQD-20x) provided with the detector
must be used to lock the battery pack on all European and
IECEx scheme detectors, and on all Canadian and U.S. Zone
Certified detectors.
The screwdriver included with the detector has a double-ended
driver. Loosen the brass nut to switch between a Phillips head
and a hex head.