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User Options And Sensor Configuration; Device Configuration - Honeywell GasAlertQuattro Operator's Manual

1, 2, 3, and 4 gas detector
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User Options and Sensor Configuration

In order to modify user options and detector configuration, the
following items are required:
• Detector
• IR Link adapter or MicroDock II
• FleetManager II software
The following section describes some of the configuration
options available in the detector. Refer to the GasAlertQuattro
Technical Reference Guide and FleetManager II Operator's
Manual for complete information.

Device Configuration

The Device Configuration section displays data about the
detector, allows for a startup message to be entered, and
defines and enables/disables settings for the detector.
• Serial Number Field: This field displays the serial number
(e.g. QA111-001000) of the detector.
• Firmware Version: This field displays the current firmware
version that displays on the detector LCD during the
startup sequence. If new firmware is uploaded to the
detector, the Firmware Version field automatically updates.
• Hardware Version: This field displays the current
hardware version of the detector.
• Startup Message: Enter text to display on the detector
LCD during startup (50 characters maximum). Enter
information such as employee name, plant, area,
emergency number(s), etc.
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User Options and Sensor Configuration
• Lockout on Self-Test Error: If Lockout on Self-Test Error
is enabled and a failure occurs during the self-test, the
screen displays Sensor Self Test Error Lockout
Enabled... and the detector deactivates.
• Safe Mode: If enabled, SAFE displays continuously on the
LCD unless an alarm condition occurs.
• Confidence/Compliance Beep: If enabled, the
Confidence/Compliance Beep provides continuous audible
confirmation that the detector is operating correctly.
Frequency of the beep is defined with the Confidence/
Compliance Beep Interval option (every 1-120 seconds).
Confidence/Compliance Beep automatically disables
during a low battery alarm, self-test fail, calibration
fail, bump test fail, and when an alarm event occurs.
Remove the unit from use and contact BW if the
confidence/compliance beep or IntelliFlash is not
• Latching Alarms: If enabled, during an alarm condition
the Latching Alarms option causes the low and high gas
alarms (audible, visual, and vibrator) to persist until the
alarm is acknowledged and the gas concentration is below
the low alarm setpoint. The LCD displays the peak
concentration until the alarm no longer exists. Local
regulations in your region may require the Latching
Alarms option be enabled.