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Connecting The Gas Cylinder To The Detector - Honeywell GasAlertQuattro Operator's Manual

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Connecting the Gas Cylinder to the Detector

Gas Cylinder Guidelines
Gas Cylinder Connection
Read the following steps (1-5) prior to initiating calibration.
1. Verify the calibration gas being used matches the span concentration
2. Connect the calibration hose to the 0.5 l/min regulator on the gas cylinder.
3. Connect the calibration hose to the intake inlet on the calibration cap.
4. Begin the calibration procedures. Do not attach the calibration cap until
5. When calibration is complete, disconnect the hose from the calibration cap
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To ensure accurate calibration, use a premium-grade calibration gas. Use
gases approved by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.
e a gas cylinder past its expiration date.
value(s) that are set for the detector.
For use with the MicroDock II, use a demand flow regulator and refer to
the MicroDock II User Manual.
Arrows on the calibration cap indicate the direction of gas flow.
instructed to apply gas. When instructed, place the calibration cap on the
detector and tighten the knob.
NOTE: Ensure the cap is securely fastened before applying gas.
and the regulator. Remove the calibration cap from the detector.
Connecting the Gas Cylinder to the Detector
Only use the calibration cap
during the calibration process.