Removing And Installing The Lower And Upper Side Covers; Removing And Installing The Lower Side Covers - Lenovo 9308-4PX Installation Manual

42u enterprise primary/expansion rack
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Leveling foot
Figure 2. Lowering the leveling feet and installing the stabilizer bracket
To lower the leveling feet and install the front stabilizer bracket, complete the following steps:
1. Using the leveling pad wrench that comes with the rack cabinet, lower each of the four leveling feet just
enough so that they touch the floor. The rack casters support the weight of the rack cabinet. The feet
prevent the rack from rolling.
2. Attach the stabilizer bracket to the front of the rack cabinet with the two M8 x 25 mm screws that come
with the bracket.

Removing and installing the lower and upper side covers

The primary rack cabinet comes with side covers installed. Remove the side covers from a primary rack
cabinet, or the outermost rack cabinets in a suite, before you install or remove optional devices.

Removing and installing the lower side covers

To remove the lower side covers, complete the following steps.
Stabilizer bracket
Chapter 2
Installing a rack cabinet

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