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Multiple-load Monitoring - Honeywell 3400 Installation Instructions Manual

E-mon series, advanced kwh/demand meter with communications.
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The Honeywell E-Mon Class 3400 Meter provides extreme flexibility by allowing
additional sets of current sensors to be used in parallel so multiple load locations
can be monitored by one meter. This feature allows a totalized display readout
from two or more load circuits.
You may use parallel sensors to monitor specific breakers from one panel,
specific breakers from more than one panel, two or more complete panels, etc.
When paralleling current sensors, the following rules must be followed for
accurate readings:
1. Current sensors must be installed in complete sets of three, with a maxi-
mum of three sensors installed in parallel per phase.
NOTE:-In 1-phase option - sensors must be installed in set of 2 with maxi-
mum of three sensors per phase.
2. All sensors used in parallel must be of the same amperage rating (all 100-
amp, all 400-amp, etc.) The rating is determined by the current rating of the
meter. For example, a 200-amp meter must use extra sets of 200-amp cur-
rent sensors.
3. All locations being monitored must have the same power source. A 480-volt
meter cannot monitor a 208-volt load, nor can a meter monitor two-480
volt loads if they are from different originating power sources or from differ-
ent transformers.
4. Multiply the meter display readings by the number of sets of current sen-
sors installed. Example: Meter readings of 5 kWh with 2 sets of current sen-
sors - 10 kWh is the actual usage. (5 x 2=10.)


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