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Warranty - Mitsubishi Electric MELSEC iQ-F FX5 User Manual

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Please confirm the following product warranty details before using this product.
Gratis Warranty Term and Gratis Warranty
If any faults or defects (hereinafter "Failure") found to
be the responsibility of Mitsubishi occurs during use of
the product within the gratis warranty term, the
product shall be repaired at no cost via the sales
representative or Mitsubishi Service Company.
However, if repairs are required onsite at domestic or
overseas location, expenses to send an engineer will
be solely at the customer's discretion. Mitsubishi shall
not be held responsible for any re-commissioning,
replacement of the failed module.
[Gratis Warranty Term]
The gratis warranty term of the product shall be for
one year after the date of purchase or delivery to a
designated place. Note that after manufacture and
shipment from Mitsubishi, the maximum distribution
period shall be six (6) months, and the longest gratis
warranty term after manufacturing shall be eighteen
(18) months. The gratis warranty term of repair parts
shall not exceed the gratis warranty term before
[Gratis Warranty Range]
The range shall be limited to normal use within the
environment, etc., which follow the conditions and
precautions, etc., given in the instruction manual,
user's manual and caution labels on the product.
Even within the gratis warranty term, repairs shall
be charged for in the following cases.
Failure occurring from inappropriate storage or
handling, carelessness or negligence by the
user. Failure caused by the user's hardware or
software design.
Failure caused by unapproved modifications,
etc., to the product by the user.
When the Mitsubishi product is assembled into
a user's device, Failure that could have been
avoided if functions or structures, judged as
necessary in the legal safety measures the
user's device is subject to or as necessary by
industry standards, had been provided.
Failure that could have been avoided if
consumable parts (battery, backlight, fuse,
etc.) designated in the instruction manual had
been correctly serviced or replaced.
Relay failure or output contact failure caused
by usage beyond the specified life of contact
Failure caused by external irresistible forces
such as fires or abnormal voltages, and failure
caused by force majeure such as earthquakes,
lightning, wind and water damage.
Failure caused by reasons unpredictable by
scientific technology standards at time of
shipment from Mitsubishi.
Any other failure found not to be the
responsibility of Mitsubishi or that admitted not
to be so by the user.
2. Onerous repair term after discontinuation
of production
Mitsubishi shall accept onerous product repairs for
seven (7) years after production of the product is
Discontinuation of production shall be notified with
Mitsubishi Technical Bulletins, etc.
Product supply (including repair parts) is not
available after production is discontinued.
3. Overseas service
Overseas, repairs shall be accepted by Mitsubishi's
local overseas FA Center. Note that the repair
conditions at each FA Center may differ.
4. Exclusion of loss in opportunity and
secondary loss from warranty liability
Regardless of the gratis warranty term, Mitsubishi
shall not be liable for compensation to:
(1) Damages caused by any cause found not to be
the responsibility of Mitsubishi.
(2) Loss in opportunity, lost profits incurred to the
user by Failures of Mitsubishi products.
(3) Special damages and secondary damages
whether foreseeable or not, compensation for
accidents, and compensation for damages to
products other than Mitsubishi products.
(4) Replacement by the user, maintenance of on-site
equipment, start-up test run and other tasks.
5. Changes in product specifications
The specifications given in the catalogs, manuals or
technical documents are subject to change without
prior notice.
6. Product application
In using the Mitsubishi MELSEC programmable
controller, the usage conditions shall be that the
application will not lead to a major accident even if
any problem or fault should occur in the
programmable controller device, and that backup
and fail-safe functions are systematically provided
outside of the device for any problem or fault.
The Mitsubishi programmable controller has been
designed and manufactured for applications in
general industries, etc. Thus, applications in which
the public could be affected such as in nuclear
power plants and other power plants operated by
respective power companies, and applications in
which a special quality assurance system is
required, such as for railway companies or public
service purposes shall be excluded from the
programmable controller applications.
In addition, applications in which human life or
property that could be greatly affected, such as in
aircraft, medical applications, incineration and fuel
devices, manned transportation, equipment for
recreation and amusement, and safety devices,
shall also be excluded from the programmable
controller range of applications.
However, in certain cases, some applications may
be possible, providing the user consults their local
Mitsubishi representative outlining the special
requirements of the project, and providing that all
circumstances, solely at the user's discretion.


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