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Adjusting The Needle Bar Lift Amount And The Driver Needle Guard; Adjusting The Needle Clearance - Brother KE-430HX Service Manual

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9-3. Adjusting the needle bar lift amount and the driver needle guard

1. Turn the pulley in the direction of the arrow to raise the needle bar from the lowest position until the lowest reference line on
the needle bar (reference line B) is aligned with the lower edge of the needle bar bush (1).
* If using a DP x 5 needle, align with reference line b which is the second reference line from the top.
Check that the wiper and the needle do not touch when lowering the needle bar. If the wiper is in a position where it will
touch the needle, move the wiper to the right by hand so that it does not touch the needle.
2. Loosen the bolt (2).
3. Move the driver (3) back and forth to adjust so that it is touching the needle when the tip of the shuttle hook is aligned with
the middle of the needle, and then tighten the bolt (2).
If the needle contact pressure from the driver (3) is too great, skipped stitches may occur. On the other hand, if the driver
(3) is not touching the needle, the tip of the inner shuttle hook will obstruct the needle, resulting in an excessively high
amount of friction.

9-4. Adjusting the needle clearance

Turn the pulley in the direction of the arrow to align the tip of the shuttle hook with the needle center line. Then loosen the set
screw (1) and turn the adjusting stud (2) to adjust so that the clearance between the needle and the tip of the shuttle hook is
0.01 to 0.08 mm.
Center of the needle
0.01 - 0.08mm
KE-430HX/KE-430HS, BE-438HX/BE-438HS

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