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Installation; Inspection And Maintenance - Honeywell D05F Installation Instruction

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1. Installation

It is necessary during installation to follow
codes of good practice, to comply with
local requirements and to follow the
installation instructions. The installation
location should be protected against frost
and be easily accessible.
2. Assembly
1. Thouroughly flush pipework. (fig. 1)
2. Install pressure reducing valve
Check that arrow is in flow direction
Install in horizontal pipework with
spring pipe up
Install without tension or bending
3. Pressure reducing valve is now ready
for use.
3. Setting outlet pressure
1. Loosen slotted screw 3 (fig. 2)
do not remove !
2. Adjust outlet pressure by turning
adjustment knob 5 until adjustment
scale shows the required value.
Note that when outlet pressure is
being adjusted to a lower setting, the
pressure on outlet side must be
relieved to enable required outlet
pressure to be achieved.
3. Retighten slotted screw.
4. Pressure reducing valve is now ready
for use.
4. Setting adjustment scale
A new setting can be achieved as follows
using a manometer connection 4
(see "accessories")
1. Close valve 1 .
2. Release pressure at side of outlet
(e.g. through water tap).
3. Close valve 2 .
4. Fit manometer.
5. Open valve 1 .
6. Set outlet pressure.
7. Align scale in middle of viewing
window (fig. 3).
8. Slowly open valve 2 .
9. Tighten slotted screw.
10. Pressure reducing valve is now ready
for use.

5. Inspection and maintenance

We recommend the user to have a
planned maintenance contract which
should include the following operations
in accordance with DIN 1988.
5.1 Inspection (annually):
1. Close valve 2 .
2. Check outlet pressure with a manometer
when no flow is occurring. Pressure
should not rise. If pressure is not stable
and slowly rises, then proceed as
described under "maintenance".
3. Gradually reopen valve 2 .



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