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Fire Safety; Equipment Protection - Philips Lumify User Manual

Ultrasound system.
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A small hole in the outer layer of the transducer opens a conductive path to grounded metal
parts of the transducer. The secondary arcing that could occur during defibrillation could
cause patient burns. The risk of burns is reduced, but not eliminated, by using an
ungrounded defibrillator.
Use defibrillators that do not have grounded patient circuits. To determine whether a
defibrillator patient circuit is grounded, see the defibrillator service guide, or consult a
biomedical engineer.

Fire Safety

On electrical or chemical fires, use only extinguishers that are specifically labeled for those
purposes. Using water or other liquids on an electrical fire can lead to fatal or other serious
personal injury. Before attempting to fight a fire, if it is safe to do so, attempt to isolate the
product from electrical and other supplies, to reduce the risk of electrical shock.
Use of electrical products in an environment for which they were not designed can lead to fire
or explosion. Fire regulations for the type of medical area being used should be fully applied,
observed, and enforced. Fire extinguishers should be available for both electrical and
nonelectrical fires.

Equipment Protection

Follow these precautions to protect your system:
Equipment Protection
Lumify Ultrasound System


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