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Inspection, Maintenance & Servicing; Mechanical Operation Check; Vacuum Interrupter Integrity Test; Vacuum Contactor - GE CR194 Installation Instructions Manual

Two- '9 h. h vacuum limitamp control.
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CR194 Two-High Vacuum Limitamp® Control
Step 5.
While pulling on the h igh-voltage door, lift up on the
defeater bracket as shown in Figure 48 to allow the
high-voltage door to open.
Defeating the high-voltage door inter­
lock leaves the power fuses & contactor connected
to the bus. The bus power must stay removed with
the h igh-voltage door i n terlock defeated.
Lift defeater bracket while pulling
high-voltage door
Step 6.
To close the high-voltage door with the isolation
switch handle in the "on" position, the procedure
must be done in reverse order, making sure to rein­
stall the door interlock defeater locking bolt.
Before performing any inspection,
maintenance or servicing on the equipment all
power must be removed from the equipment and
all load-connected rotating equipment must have
come to a complete stop.

Mechanical Operation Check

Begin any inspection, maintenance and servicing rou­
tine by first performing all the checks in the "Mechani­
cal Operation Check" section, which is part of the "In­
stallation" section of this instruction. This includes:
Isolation Switch Handle to Contactor
Mechanical Interlock
Handle and Isolation Switch Operation
High-Voltage Door Safety I n terlock
Control Power Interlock (CPI)
Test Power Interlock (TPI)

Vacuum Interrupter Integrity Test

Then perform the "Vacuum Interrupter I ntegrity
Test", which is a part of the " Installation" section of
this instruction.

Vacuum Contactor

Complete maintenance and adjustment instructions
for the high-voltage con tactor are presented in GEH-
5306. Refer to that instruction for all problems of ser­
vicing and adjusting the contactor and to the proper
renewal parts bulletin for renewal parts for the
con tactor.
Contactor tip life depends on the severi ty of the ser­
vice, but in any case, it is recommended that the
contactor tip wear be checked at l east once a year, or
i n very high duty cycle situations, after every 250,000

Isolation Mechanism

Under no circumstances should th e
isolation switch be inspected or adjusted with
power applied to the main bus.
The quick-make, quick-break isolation switch assembly
is adj usted and tested at the factory and under n ormal
circumstances does not n eed adj ustment. However, if
conditions require, the switch can be adj usted in the
field by fol lowing the steps below.


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