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Set Salt Type; Start A Recharge - Whirlpool WHES40 Installation And Operation Manual

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If you want to change the recharge start time, press the UP or DOWN buttons until the desired time
shows. Be sure AM or PM is correct.


Press the PROGRAM button once again to display a flashing "nACL".
Salt Type allows you to choose between sodium chloride (NaCI), which is regular softener salt, or
potassium chloride (KCI), which is an alternative to sodium chloride. KCI (potassium chloride) may be
used if the user of the water softener is on a sodium restricted diet and is concerned about the amount
of sodium in the water supply.
KCI should be used in accordance with the following steps to help give you years of maintenance free
Place only one bag at a time of KCI into your softener (the salt storage tank should contain no more than
60 pounds of KCI at any one time).
NOTE: A softener using KCI should not be located in areas with high temperature changes or high
humidity (KCI may harden in these environments and make the softener inoperable).
Check the brine tank and brinewell (black tube in salt storage tank) monthly. If hardening is present,
pour small amounts of warm water on hardened areas until they loosen.
Be sure to set the correct salt type, depending on which type of salt is used (Na Cl or KCI). Use the UP or
DOWN buttons to toggle between NaCl and KCI, then press the PROGRAM button to enter the selection.
Press the PROGRAM button once again to return to normal operating display.


Press the RECHARGE button and hold for three seconds, until "RECHARGE" begins to flash in the display,
starting a recharge. This recharge draws the sanitizing bleach into and through the water softener. Any
air remaining in the water softener is purged to the drain. During this time, periodically check for leaks.
NOTE: As with all other water system applications, leaks may occur. Leaks may not be immediately
apparent. Recheck for leaks 24 hours after first recharge cycle is complete.
Customizing Features / Options
The RECHARGE button is used to initiate an immediate recharge.
Press and hold the RECHARGE button until the words "RECHARGE", "SERVICE" and "FILL" flash
in the display.
Recharge initiated

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