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Manual Advance Diagnostics - Whirlpool WHES40 Installation And Operation Manual

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Err I
While an error code appears in the display, all buttons are inoperable except the PROGRAM button.
PROGRAM remains operational so the service person can perform the Manual Advance Diagnostics, see
below, to further isolate the problem.
Procedure for removing error code from display:
Unplug power supply from electrical outlet.
Correct problem.
Plug power supply back in.
Wait 8 minutes. The error code will return if the problem was not corrected.


Use the following procedures to advance the water softener through the regeneration cycles to check
Lift off the salt lid, remove the top cover by unlocking the tabs in the back and rocking forward, to
observe cam and switch operation during valve rotation.
Press and hold PROGRAM for 3 seconds until "000" shows in the display, then release.
The 3 digits indicate water meter operation as follows:
000 (steady) = Soft water not in use, and no flow
through the meter.
Open a nearby soft water faucet.
000 to 140 (continual) = Repeats for each gallon of water passing through the meter.
Symbols in the display indicate POSITION switch operation
Switch is open (Cam not rotating)
Switch is closed
(Cam rotating)
Use the RECHARGE button to manually advance the valve into each cycle and check correct switch
NOTE: Be sure water is in contact with the salt, and not separated by a salt bridge (See "Breaking A Salt
Bridge" section).

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