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Maintenance - Whirlpool WKL71311Q Instruction Manual

Automatic gas water heater
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Check gas piping regularly. In the event of
any defect, contact the gas supplier.
Regularly clean the filter located at the
water inlet.
Regularly check for water leaks.
When the flame goes from blue to yellow
and you see a bit of black smoke,
immediately get in touch with Service
Center for help.
If the water drain valve (with water filter) is
covered with debris, the hot water may
not run smoothly, or the unit may put out
cold water. Check and clean the filter as
explained below.
To avoid burns, wait until the equipment
cools down before draining the water. The
appliance will remain hot after it is turned
1. Take out the water connecting tube.
(Fig. 10)
2. Remove the filter then clean it with water.
3. Put back the filter and re-connect the
water tube. (Fig.
Fig. 10
Fig. 11
Wipe the outside surface with a wet cloth,
and then dry the surface. Use a neutral
detergent to clean any stains.
Manual W10804710.indd 31
Manual W10804710.indd 31
Fig. 12
During cold winter days, the water heater
must be drained after every shower in the
following way:
- Shut off water supply.
- Turn drain pin counterclockwise
(Fig. 13).
- Allow water to drain completely.
- Tighten pin clockwise.
It is recommended that you get in touch
with Service Center every year to request
maintenance services (*)
A technician will check the heater to
ensure optimum operation.
Fig. 13
(*) Maintenance is
charged apart.
The cost will be
determined by the
Authorized Service Centers.
Drain pin location
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Table of Contents

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