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Whirlpool WKL71311Q Instruction Manual page 30

Automatic gas water heater
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If you are out of water, close the main gas
valve and the water inlet valve.
Do not place flammable objects such as
towels over the vent-hole or fresh-air
Do not leave flammable explosive or
volatile materials in the vicinity of the water
For L.P. gas users, do not leave the gas
cylinder tilted or upside down as the gas
in the cylinder may flow to the heater and
cause a fire.
Carbon monoxide poisoning
Gas combustion consumes large amounts
of air, producing a poisonous gas (carbon
monoxide). The heater, thus, must be
installed in a well-ventilated place. Keep
the exhaust fan working and the fresh air
opening open.
Due to the heater volume, if it is installed
in a place that is not well-ventilated, install
an exhaust duct to exhaust combustion
gases to the outside, keeping the
environment air clean.
Natural gas users must pay attention to
flame light back which takes place when
pressure is insufficient. That causes
carbon build up on the burner and affects
normal use. When gas pressure is
insufficient, the flame becomes yellow, and
the amount of carbon monoxide
increases. Stop using the heater and
contact the gas supplier. The heater must
be installed vertically.
Eye injury prevention
Keep your eyes at least 300 mm away from
the flame window while turning on the
heater. If you fail to turn it on, wait 10 to 20
seconds before trying again.
Freezing prevention
When room temperature is near or below
0 °C, drain the water inside the heater after
Manual W10804710.indd 30
Manual W10804710.indd 30
every use; water can freeze and expand,
damaging the heater.
See Maintenance section for the draining
Reducing water scale
After every use, with the gas valve closed,
drain the hot water until you get only cold
Do not drink water from the heater
Residues are always present in the heater.
The water coming from the heater must
be used for general purpose only; do not
drink it.
What to do in an abnormal
Immediately shut off the heater when
abnormal wind conditions occur in the
area where the heater is located.
In case of abnormal combustion (example:
flame light back, flame goes off, yellow
tipping or black smoke etc.), odor, noise
or other unusual conditions, keep calm
and close the gas valve and then contact
the gas supplier.
Burns prevention
During or immediately after a shower, do not
touch anything other than the water heater
control knobs, especially the flame check
window from front cover.
The following conditions are
When water pressure is lower than
0.02 Mpa (2.90 psi), the heater may not
turn on.
The drain valve drips water when water
pressure is too high to reduce the
pressure and to protect the heater.
When the heater supplies hot water to
many points of use at the same time, the
flow of hot water is reduced and the water
may not be hot enough.
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Table of Contents

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