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Safety Precautions - Whirlpool WKL71311Q Instruction Manual

Automatic gas water heater
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This water heater has three control knobs
for you select desired hot water
Winter/Spring. Autumn/Summer knob:
This feature has 3 different burning power.
Water temperature knob: Which control
the water flow rate.
Flame knob: Which control the gas flow
rate, Fig. 9.
Select different matrix of those three control
knobs to get the desired setting.
Always check the water temperature before
entering a shower or bath.
Always use the control knob to set a
comfortable water temperature.

Safety precautions

Gas leak prevention
It is a good idea to install a gas detector.
Check if the flame has extinguished after
every shower; do not forget to close the
gas valve.
Always check all piping connections with
soap and water. In the event of a gas leak,
bubbles can be observed. In that case,
shut off the gas supply and immediately
ventilate the area. Do not turn on/off any
electrical device in the environment to
prevent explosion or fire.
Use one type of fuel only (L.P. gas or
Natural Gas); never mix them.
Regularly check gas piping as it may
deteriorate and/or crack after a long
period of use.
Manual W10804710.indd 29
Manual W10804710.indd 29
Fig. 9
In hot summer days, set control knob to
minimum. In cold winter days, set control
knob to maximum to turn burner on at
maximum power. For intermediary
temperatures, set control knob to medium.
Test water temperature with your hand
before it gets in touch with your body to
prevent burns.
The automatic water heater is different
from traditional heaters; the smaller the
water flow, the hotter the water. If you
need hotter water, close the hot water
faucet a little. To get colder water, open
the hot water faucet a little further. When
you are using the heater, avoid opening
the cold water faucet.
To get the best temperature, gradually
open and close the hot water faucet; be
careful not to make sudden movements
that may turn the heater off. If that
happens, close the water faucet all way
through and open it again after ten
seconds. The heater will restart
Replace piping if damaged. Under normal
operation conditions, piping must be
replaced every year.
For L.P. gas users, if the heater flame is
not stable, it could be due to a failure of
the regulator connected to the gas tank
outlet. In that case, immediately stop
using the heater and contact Service
For natural gas users, if the heater flame is
not stable, it could be due to unstable gas
pressure. In this case, stop using the
heater to prevent damage to the product
and an accident. Contact the gas supplier.
Fire and accident prevention
Ensure the heater flame has extinguished
after use and before going to sleep.
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Table of Contents

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