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Exhaust Duct Basic Requirements; Installation Tips; Product Operation; Preparation Before Starting The Heater - Whirlpool WKL71311Q Instruction Manual

Automatic gas water heater
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Exhaust duct basic requirements

To install this product, make sure to comply
with all local construction regulations.
Duct inside diameter: 100 mm (1 service
model) and 120 mm (2 services model).
The main body of the duct must be made
of corrosion-resistant material.
The horizontal portion of the exhaust duct
must have an inclination smaller than
1:100, and must have a 10 mm hole at
the bottom of the duct vertical portion,
outside the room, to drain raindrops
(Fig 8.)

Product operation

Preparation before starting the
Be sure the gas used is the same as that
on the data plate.
Turn the exhaust fan on and open the
fresh-air intake (if any).
Open the gas inlet valve.
Open the water valve (be sure water is
running in the shower); the heater must
automatically go on and make a "click"
sound. A green light will turn on, indicating
that the burner has been lit and hot water
will flow. If water pressure is low, or if
batteries are running out, the water heater
will not work properly.
After initial installation, or after replacing a
gas cylinder, air may go into gas piping. It
may take several attempts to purge the air
out of the gas piping before the water
heater turns on. In the event of a problem
after normal operation, immediately close
the water valve, wait 10 to 20 seconds
and try to open it again to prevent
incomplete or intermittent combustion
from taking place (Fig.8).
Manual W10804710.indd 28
Manual W10804710.indd 28
The exhaust duct outlet must be provided
with a protection against wind (cap),
which must not be clogged.

Installation tips

Drill a hole on the wall according to duct
dimensions as per Fig. 5.
When the duct is installed, fill the gaps
between the wall and the duct with
nonflammable material.

Water temperature control

Risk of Burns
Water temperature over 50 °C can
cause severe burns instantly or death
from scalds.
Children, disabled and elderly are at
highest risk of being scalded.
See instruction manual before setting
temperature at water heater.
Feel water before bathing or
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Table of Contents

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