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Figure 3-1 Kn 62/62A/64 Frequency Mode; Figure 3-2 Kn 62/62A/64 Ground Speed/Time-To-Station Mode - Honeywell BendixKing KN 62A Installation Manual

Distance measuring equipment
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KN 62/62A/64
When operating dual KN 62/62A/64's, the respective DME's will interfere with each other when
the NAV frequencies differ by 5.3MHz (for example, 108.00MHz and 113.3MHz). This interfer-
ence results in premature flags or loss of "Lock-On". Should this occur, one of the KN 62/62A/64's
should be either turned off or tuned to a different NAV frequency so that the 5.3MHz difference is

FIGURE 3-1 KN 62/62A/64 frequency mode

FIGURE 3-2 KN 62/62A/64 ground speed/time-to-station mode

Rev 6, May/2004
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