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Guidelines For Operating Cisco Aironet Network Sensors In Japan; Japanese Translation; English Translation - Cisco Aironet 1800s Getting Started Manual

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Guidelines for Operating Cisco Aironet Network Sensors in Japan

This section provides guidelines for avoiding interference when operating Cisco Aironet network
sensors in Japan. These guidelines are provided in both Japanese and English.

Japanese Translation

English Translation

This equipment operates in the same frequency bandwidth as industrial, scientific, and medical devices
such as microwave ovens and mobile object identification (RF-ID) systems (licensed premises radio
stations and unlicensed specified low-power radio stations) used in factory production lines.
1. Before using this equipment, make sure that no premises radio stations or specified low-power
radio stations of RF-ID are used in the vicinity.
2. If this equipment causes RF interference to a premises radio station of RF-ID, promptly change
the frequency or stop using the device; contact the number below and ask for recommendations
on avoiding radio interference, such as setting partitions.
3. If this equipment causes RF interference to a specified low-power radio station of RF-ID, contact
the number below.
Contact Number: 03-6434-6500

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents