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Home Appliances - KitchenAid 9752179 Installation Instructions Manual

Electric slide-in range with self-cleaning thermal/convection oven
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If the range does
not operate...
• Check that the circuit breaker is not
tripped or the house fuse blown.
• Check that power supply cord is plugged
into wall receptacle.
Refer to Use and Care Guide for
operating instructions and cleaning
Injury Hazard
Do Not step, lean or sit on the range,
or the drawer or door of the range.
Failure to follow this instruction could
result in serious injury.
Part No. 9752179
© 1995 KitchenAid
® Registered Trademark of KitchenAid.
For cleaning and
If removing the range is necessary for
cleaning or maintenance, disconnect the
electrical supply.
If electrical supply is inaccessible, lift the
range slightly at the front and pull the range
away from the wall. Pull the range out only
as far as necessary to disconnect the
electrical supply line.
Before moving range, slide it onto
cardboard or hardboard.
Remove the range to complete cleaning or
Move range back into operating position.
Remove drawer. Level the range.
Reconnect the electrical supply. Make sure
that left rear leveling leg is engaged in the
anti-tip bracket.
• Horizontal Backguard
Part No. 9752090PW – White
9752090PT – Almond
9752090PB – Black


Prepared by KitchenAid, St. Joseph, Michigan 49085
If you need
The KitchenAid Consumer Assistance
Center will answer any questions about
operating or maintaining your range not
covered in the Installation Instructions. The
call is free.
When you call, you will need the range
model number and serial number. Both
numbers can be found on the model/serial
rating plate located on the oven frame
behind the door.
KitchenAid Consumer Assistance Center:
English 1-800-461-5681
French 1-800-461-5703
If you need
Maintain the quality built into your
KitchenAid Appliance — call a KitchenAid-
authorized service company.
In the event that your KitchenAid appliance
should need service, call the KitchenAid
Consumer Assistance Center. A special
operator will tell you the name of your
KitchenAid-authorized service company.
KitchenAid Consumer Assistance Center:
English 1-800-461-5681
French 1-800-461-5703
Printed in Canada