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Navigate The Menus; Switch The Car Kit On Or Off; Switch On; Switch Off - Nokia CK-15W User And Installation Manual

Bluetooth display car kit
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• Function that can be performed by pressing the Navi wheel (5); in the
standby mode, pressing the Navi wheel opens the list of menu
To enter a phone number manually or use speed dialing, turn the Navi
wheel to left.
To search for a contact from
to right.

■ Navigate the menus

Many of the car kit functions are grouped into menus.
To open the list of menu functions in the standby mode, press the Navi
wheel when
is displayed at the bottom of the display.
To scroll to an item (such as a menu function) or through a list, turn the
Navi wheel left or right. To select the item, press the Navi wheel.
To return to the previous menu level, press
mode, press and hold

■ Switch the car kit on or off

Switch on

If the ignition sense wire is not connected, press and hold
connect the ignition sense wire, contact your service technician.)
If the ignition sense wire is connected, turn on the car ignition.
When the car kit is switched on, the display and the indicator light of
the input device turn on.

Switch off

If the ignition sense wire is not connected, press and hold
seconds. The car kit switches off after 2 minutes. When the car kit
switches off, the display turns off. After you turn off the car ignition, do
not leave the mobile device connected to the car kit to prevent
accidental draining of the car battery.
in the car kit, turn the Navi wheel
. To return to the standby
until the standby mode screen is displayed.
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