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Whirlpool 4KWED4900BQ0 Use And Care Manual page 12

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First try the solutions suggested here to possibly avoid the cost of a service call.
If you experience
Cycle time too short
Lint on load
Stains on load or drum
Loads are wrinkled
Load is too hot
Possible Causes
Automatic cycle ending early.
Lint screen clogged.
Dryer fabric softener was not
properly used.
The load was not removed from
the dryer at the end of the cycle.
Dryer tightly packed.
Painting, staining, or varnishing in
the area where your dryer is located.
Electric dryer being used for the
first time.
Laundry items removed from the
dryer before the end of the cycle.
High temperature cycle used, or
TEMPERATURE/Fabric control set
too high.
The load may not be contacting the sensor strips. Level the
dryer. See Installation Instructions.
Use Timed Dry for very small loads. Change the dryness level
setting on Automatic Cycles.
Increasing or decreasing the dryness level will change the
amount of drying time in a cycle.
Lint screen should be cleaned before each load.
Add dryer fabric softener sheets at the beginning of the cycle.
Fabric softener sheets added to a partially dried load can stain
your garments.
Drum stains are caused by dyes in clothing (usually blue jeans).
These will not transfer to other clothing.
Select Wrinkle Shield option to tumble the load without heat
to avoid wrinkling.
Dry smaller loads that can tumble freely help to keep wrinkles
from forming.
If so, ventilate the area. When the odors or fumes are gone
from the area, rewash and dry the clothing.
The new electric heating element may have an odor. The odor
will be gone after the first cycle.
Allow the Cool Down status to finish before removing laundry
from dryer. All cycles are cooled slowly to reduce wrinkling and
make it easier to handle. Items removed before Cool Down may
feel very warm.
Select a lower temperature, and use an automatic drying cycle.
These cycles sense the temperature or the moisture level in the
load and shut off when the load reaches the selected dryness.
This reduces overdrying.



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