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Securing Installation And Service Space; Combining Indoor Units With Outdoor Units; Fixing Hanging Bolts; Changing Bottom Inlet Specifications - Mitsubishi Electric CITY MULTI PEFY-P-VML-A Installation Manual

Air-conditioners for building application indoor unit.
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3.2. Securing installation and service space

Select the optimum direction of supply airflow according to the configuration of
the room and the installation position.
As the piping and wiring are connected at the bottom and side surfaces, and
the maintenance is made at the same surfaces, allow a proper space properly.
For the efficient suspension work and safety, provide a space as much as pos-
[Fig. 3.2.1] (P.2)
A Access door
C Air inlet
E Ceiling surface

4. Fixing hanging bolts

4.1. Fixing hanging bolts
(Use M10 hanging bolts. The bolts should be supplied in the field.)
(Give site of suspension strong structure.)
Hanging structure
Ceiling: The ceiling structure varies from building to one another. For detailed
information, consult your construction company.
1 Reinforcing the ceiling with additional members (edge beam, etc.) must be
required to keep the ceiling at level and to prevent the ceiling from vibrations.
2 Cut and remove the ceiling members.
3 Reinforce the ceiling members, and add other members for fixing the ceiling
For wooden construction
Use the tie beam (for one story building) or second-floor beam (for two story
building) as strength members.
To hang the air-conditioner, use a hard square timber of more than 6 cm if the
distance between beams is less than 90 cm and a hard square timber of more
than 9 cm if the distance between beams is less than 180 cm.

5. Changing Bottom Inlet Specifications

1. Remove filter A (6 screws).
2. Remove the bottom plate B (6 screws) and bend the slit portion inwards at a
right angle.
[Fig. 5.0.1] (P.2)
A Filter
When bending the bottom plate, be sure to protect yourself from its edges.

6. Installing the unit

6.1. Hanging the unit body

s s s s s Bring the indoor unit to an installation site as it is packed.
s s s s s To hang the indoor unit, use a lifting machine to lift and pass through the
hanging bolts.
[Fig. 6.1.1] (P.2)
A Unit body
B Lifting machine
[Fig. 6.1.2] (P.2)
C Nuts (field supply)
D Washers (field supply)
E M10 hanging bolt (field supply)

7. Refrigerant pipe and drain pipe specifications

To avoid dew drops, provide sufficient antisweating and insulating work to the re-
frigerant and drain pipes.
When using commercially available refrigerant pipes, be sure to wind commer-
cially available insulating material (with a heat-resisting temperature of more than
100 °C and thickness given below) onto both liquid and gas pipes.
Be also sure to wind commercially available insulating material (with a form
polyethylene's specific gravity of 0.03 and thickness given below) onto all pipes
which pass through rooms.
B Electrical parts box
D Air outlet
F Service space
B Bottom plate
1 500 or more
3 20 or more
* If the optional long-life filter is installed, the dimensions of the air conditioner
Rear inlet:
Depth increases by 30 mm (*1)
Bottom inlet: Height increases by 30 mm (*2)
3.3. Combining indoor units with outdoor
For combining indoor units with outdoor units, refer to the outdoor unit installation
[Fig. 4.1.1] (P.2)
A Ceiling board
C Tie beam
D Square timber for hanging the air conditioner
E Pitch
For reinforced concrete construction
As shown in the figure below, fix the hanging bolts, or use square timbers to fix
the hanging bolts.
[Fig. 4.1.2] (P.2)
F Insert: 100 to 150 kg (1 piece) (field supply)
G M10 hanging bolt (field supply)
Product Weight (kg)
Model name
3. Fit the bottom plate B to the rear of the main body.
4. Fit filter A to the underside of the main body (6 screws).
[Fig. 5.0.2] (P.2)
A Filter
B Bottom plate
6.2. Confirming the unit's position and fix-
ing hanging bolts
s s s s s Use the gage supplied with the panel to confirm that the unit body and
hanging bolts are positioned in place. If they are not positioned in place,
it may result in dew drops due to wind leak. Be sure to check the positional
s s s s s Use a level to check that the surface indicated by A A A A A is at level. Ensure
that the hanging bolt nuts are tightened to fix the hanging bolts.
s s s s s To ensure that drain is discharged, be sure to hang the unit at level using
a level.
[Fig. 6.2.1] (P.2)
Be sure to install the unit body at level.
1 Select the thickness of insulating material by pipe size.
Pipe size
6.4 mm to 25.4 mm
28.6 mm to 38.1 mm
2 If the unit is used on the highest story of a building and under conditions of
high temperature and humidity, it is necessary to use pipe size and insulating
material's thickness more than those given in the table above.
3 If there are customer's specifications, simply follow them.
2 100 or more
4 300 or more
B Edge beam
H Reinforcement
Insulating material's thickness
More than 10 mm
More than 15 mm



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