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Dishwasher Cycle Options - Bosch SHX*78W Series Operating Instructions Manual

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en-us Dishwasher Cycle Options
Dishwasher Cycle
D elay
D i s h w a s h e r C y c l e O p t i o n s
Allows you to delay the start time of
your dishwasher up to 24 hours.
Half Load
Can reduce water consumption when
washing small, lightly soiled loads
that fill approximately half or less of
the dishwasher's capacity.
This option's reduced time and
temperature are best for lightly soiled
items with easy to remove food soils.
The option also reduces the
likelihood of cloudy glasses. Rinse
aid is recommended for the high
gloss drying function (even when
using combination detergents).
Increases the temperatures and
retains them for an extra long time to
obtain a defined disinfecting
performance. Continuous use of this
function increases the hygiene status.
This additional option is ideal for
cleaning items such as chopping
boards and baby bottles.
Using the Sanitize option may also
improve drying. The cycle time and
energy usage may be increased.
Eco *
The "Eco" function can be used to
reduce water and energy
consumption. The running time is
extended for optimum cleaning and
drying results.
This option increases pressure and
temperature in the lower rack for
intensive cleaning.
Extra Dry *
An increased temperature during the
final rinse and an extended drying
phase ensure that plastic parts dry
better. There is a slight increase in
the energy consumption.

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Table of Contents

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