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Folding Mechanism Adjustment - INOKIM OX Super Manual

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If the folding mechanism is too loose or too tight, you can adjust it.
The adjustments needed are VERY small.
Work sensitively, be patient and you'll get it right!
To Tighten:
1. Using the hex key turn top screw - counter clockwise by half a turn
(to loosen it).
2. Then use the wrench and turn 10mm bolt - clockwise by half a turn
(to lower it).
3. Now turn 8mm bolt - clockwise and tighten it to bolt 8mm.
4. Test the function and only then, tighten back top screw.
To Loosen:
Follow the same steps, but turn the crews in the opposite direction.
The Tools you'll need:
Hex key 4mm
Wrenches 8mm 10mm
top screw
8mm bolt
10mm bolt

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