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Using Sd Cards; Notes On Handling Sd Cards (commercially Available); Structure Of An Sd Card Folder - Brother HE-800B Service Manual

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4-1. Notes on handling SD cards (commercially available)

• Use an SD card or a multimedia card with a capacity of 2GB or less.
• Do not disassemble or alter SD cards.
• Do not bend, drop, scratch or place heavy objects on top of the SD cards.
• Do not allow the SD cards to become wet, such as with water, oil, solvents, drinks or any other liquids.
• Do not use or store the SD cards in a locations exposed to strong static electricity or electrical interference.
• Do not use or store the SD cards in a locations exposed to vibrations or impacts, direct sunlight, extreme dust (or lint), high
temperatures, high humidity, severe temperature fluctuations, or strong magnetic forces (such as from speakers).
• Do not subject the SD cards to vibration or shocks or remove them from the sewing machine while data reading or writing
is in progress.
• Data on the SD cards may be lost or damaged due to some malfunction or accident. We recommend backing up important
• The SD cards that you purchased is already formatted. We recommend that the SD cards not be reformatted.
• The recommended SD cards are those sold by SanDisk and Panasonic. Cards from other manufacturers may use different
formatting methods and may not work correctly as a result.
For additional information, refer to the instruction manual included with the SD cards that you have purchased.
* This product is compatible with SD cards that have been formatted using the FAT16/32 method. Cards that have
been formatted using other formatting methods cannot be used.
* All other company and product names mentioned in this instruction manual are trademarks or registered trademarks
of their respective companies. However, the explanations for markings such as TM are not clearly described within
the text.

4-2. Structure of an SD card folder

Data type
Control program
* '**' represents the value for memory switch No.
Program data
752. If program data from other sewing
machines in the same SD memory card,
change the name of the folder.
memory switch
Same as above
cycle program
Same as above
Error log data
Folder name
File name
ISM09MN.BVP (Main control program)
ISM09MT.BVP (Motor control program)
ISM09PL.BVP (Panel control program)
Stores the files which relate to error logs.


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