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Engineering Push-buttons - Honeywell 5701 Operating Instructions Manual

Sieger system 57.
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MAN0443.P65 Issue 13 Aug 04
05701-M-5001 A02279

Engineering Push-buttons

3.3.1 General
The Engineering Card push-buttons control various functions depending
on the type of control card fitted and whether the Engineering Key is
3.3.2 Up Push-button ( )
When the up push-button ( ) is operated, it increases the value of those
functions that can be adjusted.
3.3.3 Down Push-button ( )
When the down push-button ( ) is operated, it decreases the value of
those functions that can be adjusted.
3.3.4 Operation of the Up and Down Push-buttons
This operation can only be used if a serial printer is connected to the
rack. When the up ( ) and down ( ) push-buttons are operated
simultaneously a print out command is selected of the control card
configuration and status.
3.3.5 Accept Push-button ( )
When the accept push-button ( ) is operated during any of the engineers
functions, this button confirms adjustments that have been made and
then cancels that function.
3.3.6 Reject Push-button ( )
When operated during any of the engineers functions and providing the
accept ( ) push-button has not been operated, the reject push-button ( )
cancels adjustments that have been made. This push-button is also used
to deselect a selected function.
3.3.7 BEAD mA Push-button
When the BEAD mA push-button is operated, the display of the selected
Catalytic Control Card provides an indication of that card's sensor head
Adjustments to this current can also be made if the Engineering Key is
fitted to the Engineering Card.
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