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Installation; Aligning The Appliance; Electrical Connection; Water Connection - Siemens SE25M575GB series Repair Instructions

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Aligning the appliance

To ensure a perfect locking function and prevent leaks in the area of
the door, the appliance must be aligned precisely via the height-
adjustable feet. If the appliance is integrated, the middle rear height-
adjustable foot can be adjusted from the front.
When installing the appliance, please note:
Using the height-adjustable feet, raise the appliance
until the housing touches the worktop.
The installation instructions (drilling template) are
required for attaching the furniture front to integrated
and fully integrated appliances.
The tensile force of the door springs in integrated
and fully integrated appliances can be adjusted to the
weight of the furniture door
To prevent injury, a side cover 481271 can be fitted
near the hinges of appliances which are fitted to the
end, built in or under or are free-standing.

Electrical connection

Connect the appliance to a correctly installed earthed socket only.
Comply with the specifications on the rating plate.
815_58300000003806_ara_en_e.doc – 30.01.12
(See Door spring point).

Water connection

If the appliance is connected to the drain with the standard hose
length, the max. permitted height from the floor is 90 cm. If the
drainage hose is extended, a max. height of 80 cm must not be
exceeded. The water connection (
water line with a water pressure of at least 0.5 bar (0.5 at.) (when the
tap is turned on, the water flow rate must be more than 8 l/min.). If the
water pressure is more than 10 bar (10 at.), a pressure reducing valve
must be installed.
The appliances can be connected to warm water up to 60 °C.
However, it is recommended to connect the appliance to cold water
(better drying and washing results).
Connection dimensions for all 60 cm dishwashers
1.3 m
1.6 m
1.4 m (3.6 m with extension set)
inch) requires a conventional
1.2 m (3.4 m with extension set)
1.6 m (3.6 m with extension set)
1.2 m (3.2 m with extension set)
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