I Troubleshooting - Ryobi TS1302 Operator's Manual

10 in. (254 mm) miter saw
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Saw will not start.
Saw makes unsatisfactory cuts.
Blade does not come up to speed.
Saw vibrates excessively.
Does not make accurate 45° and
90° cuts.
Material pinches blade.
Saw head does not return to UP
1. Saw not plugged in.
2. Faulty switch.
3. Fuse blown or circuit breaker
4. Cord damaged.
5. Worn, broken brushes.
1. Dull blade.
2. Blade mounted backwards.
3. Gum or pitch on blade.
4. Incorrect blade for work being
1. Extension cord too light or too
2. Low supply voltage.
1. Blade bolt not tight.
2. Saw not mounted securely to
3. Workbench on uneven floor.
4. Blade or blade flanges not clean.
1. Damaged saw blade.
2. Positive stop not adjusted
1. Cutting bowed material in wrong
1. No spring tension.
2. Spring broken.
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1. Plug in saw.
2. Have switch replaced by an
Authorized Service Center.
3. Replace fuse or reset circuit
4. Have cord replaced by an
Authorized Service Center.
5. Replace brushes.
1. Replace blade.
2. Turn blade around.
3. Remove blade and clean with
turpentine and coarse steel wool.
4. Change the blade.
1. Replace with the adequate size
extension cord.
2. Contact the electric company.
1. Tighten blade bolt.
2. Tighten all mounting hardware.
3. Reposition workbench on flat
surface. Fasten workbench to
floor if necessary.
4. Clean blade and blade flanges.
1. Replace blade.
2. Check and adjust positive stop.
1. Position bowed material correctly
(convex side to the back fence).
1. Return to an Authorized Service
Center for adjustment.
2. Have spring replaced by an
Authorized Service Center.

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents