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Additional Tips For Smart Use - LG TD-V75120E Use And Care Manual

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dditional Tips for smart use
Drying Guide
Capacity for laundry type
7.5 kg
3.5 kg
1.5 kg
Woven and loopknit materials
Some woven and loopknit materials may shrink,
depending on its quality.
Permanent Press and Synthetics
Do not overload your dryer.
Take out permanent press article as soon as the
dryer stops to reduce wrinkles.
Baby clothes and Night gowns
Always check the manufacturer s instructions.
Rubber and Plastics
Do not dry any items made from or containing
rubber or plastics such as:
a) Aprons, bibs and chair covers
b) Curtains and table clothes
c) Bathmats
Fiber glass
Do not dry fiberglass articles in your dryer.
Glass particles left in the dryer could be picked up
by your clothes the next time you use the dryer and
irriate your skin.
Fabric Care Labels
Clothes have its own wash care labels so drying
according to wash care labels is recommended.
Not only that, the laundry must be sorted according
to size and fabric type.
Do not overload in order to save you energy, time
and best dry performance.
Below are fabric care labels.
Tumble dry
Permanent Press /
Wrinkle resistant
Gentle / Delicate
Do not tumble dry
Do not dry
High heating
Medium heating
Low heating
No heat / air
Line Dry / hang to dry
Drip dry
Dry flat
In the shade

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