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Connect Communications - Honeywell 900CS10-00 Installation Manual

Hc900 control station


 A power supply with a Class 2 or SELV rating should be used. A Class 2 or SELV power supply provides
isolation to accessible circuits from hazardous voltage levels generated by a mains power supply due to
single faults. SELV is an acronym for "safety extra-low voltage." Safety extra-low voltage circuits shall
exhibit voltages safe to touch both under normal operating conditions and after a single fault, such as a
breakdown of a layer of basic insulation or after the failure of a single component has occurred.
 If the power supply will be mounted in a hazardous location, it must be rated for Class I, Div. 2 by an
OSHA recognized NRTL, such as UL or FM.
 Using the terminal block provided, connect the power supply's +24Vdc lead to terminal 2 and the Common
lead to terminal 1. See figure below. Plug the terminal block into the connector located on the bottom
of the interface.

5. Connect communications

Connections and ports used depend on the architecture of your installation.
See architecture examples starting on page 7.
For cabling and connections, see page 10.
For details on connections to devices other than the Control Station, see HC900 Hybrid Controller
Installation and User Guide, document number 51-52-25-107.
When your connections are finished, installation is complete and your unit is ready to be configured. Refer to
the appropriate manuals for details.
Example #1
900 Control Station
Use shielded CAT5 cable with RJ45 connectors. Connect to HC900 Ethernet port. (On models C70 and
C70R with two ports E1 and E2; either port can be used.)
51-52-33-157 Rev. 6
C30, C50, C70 CPU
100m max.
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