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False Alarm Prevention - Honeywell Lyric LCP300-L User Reference Manual

Security and home control system.
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False Alarm Prevention

Many false alarms are caused by minor problems, such as a door or window left open when
exiting the home. Gateway includes several features to help prevent false alarms. Note that some
are optional or must be programmed by the installer. Disabling these features may increase
security, but may also increase the chance of false alarms.
Your installer can help you decide how to use and customize these features. A brief explanation
of false alarm prevention features follows, along with advice on what to do if false alarms occur.
Entry Delay
When the system is armed, Entry Delay is the time period allowed to disarm the
system with a user code after an entry door is opened. Failure to disarm the system
during the Entry Delay causes an alarm. The delay period is set by your installer.
Exit Delay
When arming the system, the Exit Delay period begins, allowing household
members to exit through entry/exit doors without triggering an alarm. Entry/exit
doors must be closed before the exit delay ends. The delay period is set by your
After a false alarm, disarm the system and contact your monitoring company. They
will verify your security code or password, preventing unnecessary calls for
emergency response.
Exit Time
If you leave the premises and enter again before the exit delay has expired, the exit
delay restarts, giving you more time to leave without causing an alarm.
With 10 seconds left to exit, the Gateway begins beeping quickly, indicating that an
alarm will occur if you don't exit or disarm the system immediately.
If this occurs, disarm the system and arm it again when you are ready to leave.
You can restart the Exit Delay by pressing Restart Timer
Exit Delay
App screen.
Gateway is programmed to wait for a brief period between sounding a burglary
alarm on the premises and sending an alarm message to your monitoring company.
This delay allows you to disarm the system before an alarm message is sent in error.
Exit Alarms
False alarms can be caused by leaving the house and forgetting to close the door. If
this happens, Gateway sounds an alarm and displays an Exit Error.
The alarm reporting delay gives you time to disarm the system before an alarm
message is sent.
Silent Exit
Press Silent Exit
for exit countdowns in most situations. Voice confirmation of arming status is not
muted. Silent Exit doubles the Exit Delay time.
Quick Exit
Press Quick Exit
armed and someone needs to leave the premises. This restarts the exit delay,
allowing you to exit the premises without having to disarm and re-arm the system.
Silent Exit on the MyHome Gateway
MyHome Gateway App screen to mute the beeping sound
Silent Exit
Silent Exit
MyHome Gateway
MyHome Gateway
Quick Exit
Quick Exit
Quick Exit on the MyHome Gateway
MyHome Gateway
MyHome Gateway
MyHome Gateway App screen when the system has been
Restart Timer
Restart Timer on the MyHome Gateway
Restart Timer
MyHome Gateway
MyHome Gateway
MyHome Gateway


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